As a therapist I try to keep two sides of me fully present in our conversations. The first is who I am as a person, striving to feel what the concerns you bring to me must be like “on the inside.” The other side is my commitment to the science of what is helpful to people. Through these inner conversations I strive very hard to help you find the care you need. What sets therapy apart from other conversations is the knowledge and experience we bring to our time together. I strive to do this in a personal way.

My colleague and I have developed a unique way of helping people that draws upon the latest advances in the field (science of therapy) while bring many years of experience to the concerns you have (art of therapy). We have published this method in a respected academic journal. This “model” is the basis upon which I both teach and practice therapy.

As a family therapist I am trained to work with individuals, couples (or parent-child dyads), and families. We do not live in isolation. Considering the concerns of and impact upon others is important in guiding a helpful process.

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